June 2023 issue published

We are pleased to announce the release of the June 2023 issue of Ex-position. Within this edition, we are proud to present four articles on General Topics, which cover a wide range of intriguing subjects, including John Lyly’s Euphues and ideas of friendship, Arthur Conan Doyle’s work and the phonograph, the interplay between Toni Morrison’s Sula and the Moynihan Report, as well as Lau Kek Huat’s films and Malayan identities.

Furthermore, we are privileged to feature engaging interviews with two esteemed scholars, Garrett Stewart, and Paul Allen Miller, in our Talking Points section. These interviews delve into the latest developments in the humanities, including the phenomenon of generative AI. Their expertise and perspectives shed light on cutting-edge research and provide valuable insights for our readers.

We invite you to explore this issue and immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge and ideas presented by our contributors. We hope that this collection of articles and interviews will inspire intellectual curiosity and ignite meaningful discussions within our scholarly community.

We thank our authors for publishing with us, and we welcome any feedback from our readers.

All the articles are available in full text on the issues page.