Calls for Papers

How do Ex-position’s Feature Topics work?

  • While we are committed to publishing research articles touching upon various topics relevant to the aims of the journal, we are particularly interested in opening up space for scholars working on the same research theme to showcase their work in a more effective way. Hence the Feature Topic (FT) section.
  • The FTs may be proposed by the journal’s editorial team, guest editors invited by the journal, or by any fellow scholar.
  • A FT normally consists of at least three research articles. Other forms of contribution such as interviews and commentaries are also welcome, but “three research articles or more” is a basic criterion.
  • The call for papers to each FT in Ex-position is ongoing. We invite scholars who are thinking of similar research questions to submit their work at any time following the publication of the introductory issue of a FT. We expect this to generate a healthy, continuing dialogue among fellow scholars interested in the same topic. The journal’s website is equipped with cross-referencing functions that facilitate the collection and organization of articles contributed to the same FT.
  • A FT is more flexible than a special issue in that a FT may not use up all the space of an issue. FTs proposed by fellow scholars are also intended to be respectful of the reality of academia, giving more people a chance to demonstrate what they are working on according to their own timeline, rather than pressing everyone to reflect on a uniform research concern.
  • We invite scholars to propose FTs. Each issue may accommodate more than one FT. Even if the journal has initiated a FT for an issue, proposals for additional FTs targeting that issue are welcome. For more information on this, download the instructions here: Propose a Feature Topic.


Feature Topic Call for Papers (#003)
Literary Fantasy and Its Discontents
(in collaboration with Taipei Tech’s 2018 conference)

Publication Date: December 2019 (Issue No. 42)
Submission Deadline: March 31, 2019
CFP 003-Literary Fantasy & Its Discontents 

Feature Topic Call for Papers (#002)
Non-Worldly Literature
Publication Date: June 2019 (Issue No. 41)
Submission Deadline: November 30, 2018
CFP 002-Non-Worldly Literature (updated)

Feature Topic Call for Papers (#001)
Literary Criticism Scene of the 1980s, Revisited
Publication Date: December 2018 (Issue No. 40)
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2018
CFP 001-The 1980s Revisited (updated)