Number 41, June 2019

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 FEATURE TOPIC Non-Worldly Literature

Guest Editor Yu-lin Lee


Introduction: World Enough                        

Yu-lin Lee and Chun-yen Chen



■ Research Articles


“Include Me Out”: Reading Eileen Chang as a World Literature Author

Carole Hang Fung Hoyan


From the Impersonal to the Ecological: Critique of Neoliberalism and Vision of Ecocosmopolitanism in Wu Ming-Yi’s The Stolen Bicycle

You-ting Chen


Compound Eyes and Limited Visions: Wu Ming-Yi’s “Weak Anthropocentric” Gaze
for World Literature

Dingru Huang


Creolization, Translation, and the Poetics of Worldness: On Wu Ming-Yi’s French Translation

Gwennaël Gaffric


Luo Yijun’s Fourth Person Singular Writing: A Cartography of Time

Kailin Yang


■ Perspectives


On the Third Hand: Why to taiwan World Literature

Adam Lifshey


Q & A: Wu Ming-Yi

Wu Ming-Yi


Compromises in Translating Wu Ming-Yi’s Uncompromising Localism

Darryl Sterk


Landscape in Motion: Wu Ming-Yi’s Novels and Translation

Pei-yun Chen


The Trans-L/National Ethos and Ethnos of Tangut Inn

Pingta Ku


Dream Cleansers, from Tangut Inn

Luo Yijun // Translation by Pingta Ku




Cooking, Postfood, and Our Posthuman Future in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy

Nainu Yang